About QuickBI


Having done reporting and data warehouse management for a few years in worklife, we noticed many errors in the traditional reporting. We decided to found a company whose mission is to fix these errors. Our team has grown during the last year, but our mission is the same.


We want to build an effective BI service concept, where our customers doesn’t have to struggle with reporting and data warehouses. We will reach our goal by our data connection service, which enables a fast and effective connection between data sources and warehouses and BI reporting software.



Head Office

Helsinki, Finland

Technical Knowledge

Tableau, QlikView, PowerBI, Excel, databases, Python, PHP, JavaScript, DevOps and custom apps.

Our skillset

We are a diverse set of people with a diverse skillset.
IT Skills, Consultancy, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Business.


Data analysis and reporting is for everyone

We believe that data collection, and analysis should be a simple and fast process, which everyone in the company should be able to do.


We work together, learn together and grow together. Teamwork.


We are honest with each other and our customers. If something doesn’t work, we talk about it and find a new way.

Work should be fun and challenging

We help our people grow through challenging, fun and exciting work that not only is interesting for them to do, but also helps us to achieve new heights as a company.


Teaming up people with a good mixture of skills, combining technical, and consultancy know-how and you have got our team.

Antti Korpi
Sales & Consulting
Olli Pölönen
Sales & Consulting
Lauri Raivio
Eero Vehmanen
Lucas Thomé