QuickBI data warehouse

The new home of all your data sources.

Would you like to connect all your data sources to one place that can host them all? With more than 100 data sources connected, our QuickBI app can host all data from all your various data sources.

What you will get

Besides a new home for all your data sources you will get Full Service Outsourced Reporting Expertise consultancy on how to optimise and automate your reporting process. and help to set up the reporting platform that works best for you.

How the data warehousing works

We gather all the data sources you need for your reports into the QuickBI app. Data is formatted so that it's easy to use in you BI tools and the integrations will be set up so that everything updates automatically.

Much more than just a data warehouse

The QuickBI App can also be used as a Business Intelligence tool. So in case you are looking for both a data warehouse and a BI tool, we can help you. Learn more about how this works by contacting us!


See all your data in one place 

Easily see all the data you need from your different source systems in one place.

Easy SQL Query interface

Easily make SQL queries with just a few clicks. The platform is created for everyone who needs to make reports in a company, and is simple and straightforward to use. 

Data Exports

Export your data to whichever place you want. The QuickBI system is completely independent of specific reporting and visualising systems, and can therefore export to the system of your choice. 


Starting from 500 eur per month

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